Does your child need fine motor help?

Does your child need fine motor help?

Weak fine motor skills are common among children across the world. Our Fit Fingers activity packs are specially designed to improve fine motor strength, helping toddlers and children in pre-school, kindergarten and primary school keep up with their curriculum.

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The only way to develop and improve upon your child’s fine motor strength is by having them complete and repeat a series of fine motor activities in their early years. In this modern age, we believe there is no such thing as too much fine motor strength or too much fine motor practice.

Craft material activities
Scissors skill activities
Push-up & wind-up toy activities
Threading activities

Note: For best results, we recommend using these activities with a Fit Fingers pack. Your pack comes with all of the materials that your child will need to complete the activities, plus it’s a efficient and inexpensive way of improving their fine motor skills. To purchase Fit Fingers for your child, simply add it to your cart below or in the top right hand corner.

Fine motor skill examples that adults or children can't live without

  • Writing and drawing

  • Using scissors

  • Using utensils

  • Turning pages of a book

  • Dressing oneself

  • Painting

Modern factors affecting fine motor skills in young children

  • Tablets and smartphones

    More and more time is being spent 'swiping' on smart devices, which compromises fine motor strength and development.

  • Video games

    In conjunction with smart devices, children have never engaged in so much screen time, which impacts their fine motor development.

  • Lack of natural play

    Factors such as smaller backyards, more screen time and more distractions all contribute to less 'play time' for children. 

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